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How Much is Horse Boarding or Retirement?

We know every horse is unique and will require a specific level of love and care to keep them comfortable, especially throughout retirement. Please call to discuss pricing and details on your horse so we can provide the best care possible.

655 Acres of Gorgeous Central Texas Pastures to Roam

Supplemental Feeding in Winter Months

Daily Checkins and Monitoring

Regular Veterinarian Health Checkups As Needed

Farrier Visits for Hoof-Trimming and Foot Checkups

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Just because Jitterbug is a wide-open ranch doesn’t mean your horse won’t receive personal attention.

You can email us with any questions regarding your horse, and follow our Instagram account to see periodic pictures of your friend enjoying their time at Jitterbug.


"Being raised in the saddle teaches you to appreciate horses — what they can do, what they will do for you and how each horse has its own unique personality. On the ranch where I was raised we were 100% dependent on good horses to get our work done. My first horse was a Palomino named ol’ Blondie."

-Steve Lewis

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