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Imagine a place where the weather is perfect, the food is plentiful and the beautiful surrounding landscape feels safe and endless.

For your horse — Jitterbug Ranch is that place.

Our wide open spaces allow your horse to safely roam and graze on the ample native grass, while enjoying the natural supply of clean, fresh water. Trees provide shade during the mild summer days, and protection from the weather during the cooler months.

Jitterbug is a working ranch — we have 13 pastures, and if your horse needs special attention, we can provide it.

Central Texas is a Paradise for Horses

We planted native Bermuda grass to supplement the native Texas flora. Our horses always have plenty to eat — summer, spring, winter or fall.


Jitterbug is blessed with natural ponds and streams that provide cool, clean fresh water for our animals as well as the surrounding land.


Our mild Central Texas climate provides year-round comfort for all our residents — and plenty of trees to give them shelter when they want it.

Living with Livestock

Jitterbug is a working livestock ranch, so your horse will never be alone. Along with our other retired horses, they can visit with our cows and other native wildlife that populates our pastures.


“We created Jitterbug Horse Ranch because our land is so uniquely suited for horses to enjoy their days in a pristine, natural, free-roaming environment, just like their ancestors used to do.”

-Steve Lewis

Meet the Lewis Family

Jitterbug Ranch is owned and operated by Steve and Stacy Lewis – lifelong horse lovers.

Along with being a working ranch, Jitterbug is a meeting place for the Lewis’ 3 daughters and ever-growing group of family and friends to spend weekends and holidays together – enjoying each other’s company in the serene isolation that Jitterbug provides.

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