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Boarding & Retirement at Jitterbug

Give Your Horse The Life They Deserve

As a horse owner, you know that they can bring out the best in us. Horses are our companions, our coworkers, and our friends — creating a bond that only a horse-owner can understand. That bond includes a horse’s trust that we will take care of them throughout their life.

Giving them the space and life they deserve is not always an easy decision to make. And knowing when to let your horse live out their remaining years in comfort is an important step in horse ownership and care.

We’re happy you are considering Jitterbug Horse Ranch for equine boarding and retirement.


What Jitterbug Ranch Provides

Wide Open Pastures

Your horse deserves a return to their natural instincts: grazing, roaming, socializing and resting in a safe, open environment.

Feed When They Need It

Jitterbug's plentiful and nutritious grassy pastures will provide your horse's day-to-day nutritional needs, but we supplement your horse's diet in the seasons where they could use a little extra.

Daily Check-Ins and Monitoring

Just because your horse is living in a more natural state doesn't mean that they won't be looked after. We look after each and every animal on Jitterbug with the expertise that a lifetime of horse ownership provides.

Love, Care and Respect

Your horse gave you years of love and companionship, and we want to provide the same love, care, and respect that you gave them. We understand what horses need, physically and emotionally.


Transporting your Horse to Jitterbug:

We can help provide trailer transport from anywhere in the USA. We take the extra care that is needed when it comes to relocating and caring for your horse.

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